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Who We Are

Our company is dedicated to providing fun and good-tasting health products to cater to the needs of a wide range of patients. In our bid to provide health products for every patient whatever their condition might be, we also produce medications for patients who have difficulty swallowing or eating and this cuts across every age bracket from infant to adult. Our company doesn't only set out to meet special patient needs, it also protects the nutritional and religious values of Vegans and Halal proponents. Our products such as medication for diabetes patients, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, B-complex as well as gummies and liquid products are live on Amazon and other online platforms even as we tenaciously work towards taking this care approach to medication into many other countries aside from North America and Canada.


About the Founder

Mr. Alatassi is a practicing pharmacist with over 12 years of experience gathered from working in various countries and interacting first-hand with patients, which gives him quality information about the needs of patients. His wealth of experience has proven valuable as the company now boasts of medications for gout, liver protection, hair and skin treatment. It was a remarkable point in the founder's life when his liquids and gummies helped his daughters do what they were finding difficult; eating! Thanks to liquids and gummies. He is committed to making high end quality products which have the correct supplements to help patients of varying circumstances feel better.

Tarik Alatassi

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